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I just can't get enough electric shocks

I want to buy a lighthouse and ride a giraffe on the rocks



This is the writing journal of blacktofade. Most of these fics have mature ratings, so be sure to only read if you feel comfortable. All warnings are posted outside of a LJ-Cut; if you click inside said LJ-Cut, you are stating that you understand what you are about to read, and will not hold me responsible for your actions.

Feel free to browse the tags for specific fandoms, pairings, and kinks.

Any characters/people borrowed belong to their creator(s)/themselves. No harm is intended, and no profit is being made.

AO3: Blacktofade


» Top Gear
» Doctor Who
» The Mighty Boosh
» Batman
» Franz Ferdinand
» Muse
» Star Trek
» Terminator: Salvation
» Mitchell and Webb
» Supernatural
» Sherlock Holmes
» Grey's Anatomy
» Alice in Wonderland
» Psych
» Left 4 Dead
» Inception
» Toy Story
» Assassin's Creed
» Durarara
» Amnesia the Dark Descent
» Thor
» Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
» Uncharted
» Avengers
» Teen Wolf


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